Velocity Triggers

eCommerce, Print, Packaging & Film

Velocity Triggers is one the fastest growing brands in the high performance replacement trigger industry. Their aftermarket, match grade, drop-in triggers are designed to improve accuracy for the AR platform and are mechanical works of art.

Corporate Story Short Film

Making a great product is just the beginning, you have to tell your story in a way that gets your buyer's attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Social Media Management

Digital Alchemy both produces content and manages the day to day social media accounts for Velocity Triggers with a concentration on Instagram & Facebook.

Advertising Creative

In preparation for the 2018 Shot Show convention Digital Alchemy produced creative for several full page magazine ads as part of the new product release announcement campaign.

Promotional Design

We produced several promotional product designs for Velocity Triggers including these mesh-back trucker hats.

Packaging Design

Product packaging is yet another area of design where we were able to improve the simplicity, construction and overall visual appear of their trigger packaging as well as their trigger guard packaging.

Product & Lifestyle Photography

We produced and continue to produce high quality photography for advertising, social media as well as product photos for the Velocity Triggers website.